Tìm trường cho con

//Post này để mình cập nhật vụ tìm trường cho con.

Đành rằng nhà trẻ với cấp một thì chơi là chủ yếu, nhưng mình đương nhiên muốn tìm cho con trường nào “tốt tốt”. Cái tiêu chí “tốt” cũng khó nói nhưng thôi bây giờ dựa vô ranking người ta làm sẵn đi chứ biết sao.

Hồi tìm mua nhà, khù khờ quá nên mình tuy có coi danh sách các trường gần đó nhưng không kiểm tra boundery của từng trường, ví dụ thấy nhà gần trường Vista Heights thì mừng rú lên, mua nhà xong kiểm tra lại thì nhà không nằm trong tuyến của chương trình tiếng Anh, chỉ nằm trong tuyến chương trình tiếng Pháp. Hay coi như số phận Bơ phải học tiếng Pháp rồi?

Home Map

Day Care

(1) The Little Rascals Preschool
  • http://tlr-preschool.com/
  • 158-A Queen Street South, Streetsville – Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 1K8
  • 905-858-0177
  • littlerascals_ca@yahoo.com
  • Nhận trẻ từ 18 tháng, ~$550/tháng, từ 7am tới 6pm
(3) PLASP Child Care Services – St. Joseph (Streetsville)
(4) Brilliant Minds


Vista Heights Public School | Map

89 Vista Blvd., Mississauga, ON L5M1V8
Phone: 905-826-1581 Fax: 905-826-9997



Credit Valley Public School | Map

2365 Credit Valley Road, Mississauga, ON L5M4E8
Phone: 905-607-0770 Fax: 905-607-0773




Starting school is an exciting time for your child. Our schools provide a rich learning environment for all children to learn and grow.

In the Kindergarten program, your child will develop their skills and abilities through inquiry and intentional play-based learning. Teachers and early childhood educators plan learning experiences where children are actively engaged in learning and thinking creatively.

Children can attend Junior Kindergarten in the calendar year that they turn four and Senior Kindergarten in the year that they turn five. Registration begins in February. For specific registration dates and times, please contact your local school

If you are interested in French Immersion, please visit the French Immersion page for more information and to learn about Early French Immersion programs. The application process for French Immersion takes place in November of the year your child is in Junior Kindergarten.

To learn more about the TDSB’s kindergarten program, including home tips on preparing your child for school, visit the Kindergarten Links and Resources page.

Interested in applying to a school other than the one that serves your home address? Read about our Optional Attendance.

Welcome to Peel

Are you new to our school board, province or Canada? Are you looking for a place to register your child for school? Do you want to learn about the education system, and service and programs in your community? If your family is new to the Peel region, your child may need an assessment before starting school. The welcome centre is the best place to start.

The Peel District School Board has three Welcome Centres, in Brampton, Malton, and Mississauga to welcome your family to Peel and get your children registered for school. There is no fee for registration.

Call 905-366-8791 to book an appointment at the location that is most convenient for you in:

  • Brampton— 510 Balmoral Drive (located at Bramalea Secondary School. The entrance for the Welcome Centre is on the east side of Bramalea Secondary School, facing Bramalea Rd. The parking entrance is on the east side of Balmoral Dr.)
  • Mississauga—100 Elm Drive West (located in the Adult Education Centre, entrance and parking at back)

The welcome centres are open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., all year round. Please be reminded that the last registration appointment will be at 3 p.m. Families can get assistance from staff in many languages.

 The We Welcome the World Centres are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Early French Immersion (Senior Kindergarten (SK) Entry)

Applications to the Early French Immersion program are made the year your child is in Junior Kindergarten (or is of Junior Kindergarten age) for entry in Senior Kindergarten. It is an entirely online process. All communication will be sent via the email address you provide. Please check your email regularly, including junk mail folders.

Please visit the application site www.tdsb.on.ca/pars.

  • You will need your child’s date of birth and OEN. The OEN is a 9-digit number found on any report card from the TDSB.
  • For non-TDSB students, please select the “Non-TDSB Student” option and follow the steps to generate an identification number. You must then return to the PARS site and follow the application procedure with this number.
  • Please select the Early Immersion Program (SK) from the drop-down menu, and complete the application process.

On-time applicants will be offered a placement online via the email address you have provided. You MUSTtake action to accept this placement by the deadline requested when you are offered a placement.

Offers of placement will be ongoing throughout the weeks and months following the close of the application period. Please check your email regularly, including junk mail folders, and follow any instructions.


Application process opens: November 4, 2019

Deadline for applications: November 29, 2019

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