Chăm sóc bé sơ sinh

Phòng khám em bé (ngoài giờ)
Mon‑Fri: 5pm‑9:30pm  Sat‑Sun: 9am‑4pm

MedVisit (Bác sĩ đến nhà)
Phone: 416-631-3000


Cho con ngủ

Đọc “Is your child safe – sleep time” của Health Canada.

  • Put your baby on his or her back
  • The crib should be completely empty, except for the crib’s mattress and fitted sheet
  • Check that the mattress is firm.
  • The crib mattress must not be thicker than 15 cm (6 in).
  • There must not be a gap of more than 3 cm (1 3/16 in) between the mattress and any part of the crib’s sides.

Cho con bú

Tắm cho con

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